UkeAnnapolis Virtual Jam

Jamming via Zoom is okay, but not like actually playing together. So…

We gathered individually made videos of members playing various instruments and singing The Cowboy Song from the movie Joe vs. the Volcano.

The resulting video is on YouTube. Click Here to view it.

We were inspired to do this by two videos. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ukulele Jim has a darling video of the same song. Click Here.

Friends of RC101 made an enjoyable video of Whiskey Before Breakfast. Click Here.


Online Beginners’ Jam

When and Where

Beginners’ jams will be on Fridays from 7:00 to 8:30 pm until further notice. We will be using Zoom. You have to be on the mailing list (click the link in the menu) to receive the invitation with all the info you need to join the jam.

What to Expect

We will spend a few minutes on basics like how to hold your ukulele, how to strum it. a few basic chords, how to practice changing chords.

Then we will do a few exercises to help you get your fingers moving.

Then we will play songs. Here are lists of songs from 3 sources.

First, the UkeAnnapolis song folders. These songs can be downloaded from the Google Drive at this URL: UkeAnnapolis Google Drive

UPDATED Second, The Jim Beloff “Daily Ukulele”, 365 song edition (yellow cover). If you don’t already own this book, it is worth purchasing.

UPDATED Third, The Jim Beloff “Daily Ukulele” 366 song edition (blue cover). As you will see, there are few simple songs in this book, so I don’t advocate hurrying to buy it.

Also, look at the handout we used for a beginners’ ukulele class, and in particular, watch Bernadette Teaches Music’s Thirty Day Challenge.

Who Should Come

This jam is intended for beginners. More experienced players are welcome, of course, but do not expect a challenge.

See you there! Be safe!


UkeAnnapolis Jams Online


Saturdays from 1:00 to 3:00pm until further notice.. Switching back to in person jams depends on how the corona virus is doing….


On your computer, smart phone, or tablet via the internet or for audio only participation by dialing in using any telephone.

What To Expect

You will receive an email (assuming you’ve joined the mailing list) with login instructions and the phone numbers.

During the jam, it will be impossible to play along together like in a normal, in person, jam due to internet time delays. So one person will be designated to lead a song or two, then another person, etc., and everyone else will strum along.

We will play songs from the Liz and Jim Beloff “Daily Ukulele” (yellow cover, 365 songs version). In addition, we will have some songs to share on screen, so use the largest screen you have.

Who Should Come

On line jams are not good for instruction. At our in person jams, we always invite and help beginning players, but that really isn’t possible on line. Instead, join the Friday night beginners’ jams.

See you there! Be safe!


Coronavirus Disruptions

Due to coronavirus related library closings and restrictions on gatherings, we will have to cancel and reschedule our jams for the remainder of March through the beginning of May (at least). Please check back from time to time to see if we’ve been able to schedule alternatives.

Be safe!


Jam Saturday, April 6th

This jam is over, but we had a few visitors. Here are two of them….

…we’ll see him again in a few years.
… he was talking guitar, but preferred the soprano ukulele over the tenor.

See you at a future jam!